FLAGS – Understanding self and others for managers
£295 per delegate.

This workshop is  scheduled for December 2018 through to March 2019 Please CALL / EMAIL      us at 07806 383113 / info@trainingmad.com  for dates and more information.


9.30am – 4,30pm Edinburgh & Glasgow
We connect to people who we like, who you think understand you and your needs. You feel more confident interacting with people when you’re communicated to in a style which you can relate to. You want to be led or managed by individuals who understand you. Some of us naturally prefer an informal chatty communication style whilst others prefer it to be professional and to the point. Some of us want lots of details others like the big picture.

How then do you communicate and effectively manage those around you when everyone is so different? To be successful, you need to be able to change your own behaviour and preferences so that you take on board and adapt to the ‘world’ of others, be it family friends colleagues or customers.

Using our evaluator and attending this workshop will help you learn how to communicate using a mix of styles, which may suit the people you are communicating with, but not necessarily you.

Although we all have natural preferences, the most effective high, performing people look out for signals from others and adapt their style to suit that individual. They are not constrained by their own preferences and can create a sense of  ‘we are alike’ with people around them.

FLAGS will help you to discover the following:

  • What your own personal preferences are
  • How to spot the behavioural preferences of others
  • Help you to adapt your style so you can really connect with others
  • Tools to help manage the different preferences within your team

Presenting with Impact – How to capture the hearts and minds of your audience. £295 per delegate

This workshop is scheduled for December 2018 through to March 2019 Please CALL / EMAIL us at 07806 383113 / info@trainingmad.com for dates and more information.
9.30am – 4.30pm Edinburgh and Glasgow
This presentation skills workshop will help develop your presentation skills

Intended for:  Anyone that currently presents or is due to present to small or large groups.

In a survey carried out amongst experienced, middle and senior executives, designed to determine the things that they feared most, public speaking came out as number one. Death was eighth on the list! So, most of us would rather die than stand up and present!

This workshop will provide participants with the ideas and techniques to make them feel more confident about presenting, and will help them to become an effective presenter.

Structuring Your Presentation

Considering the attention span of an audience and structuring the session around this.

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Problems and fears with Presentations

Looking at the past problems delegates have felt and seen with presentations and tips to help

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Planning a Presentation

Key considerations when planning a presentation and planning around the audience.

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Opening Attention Grabbers

How to start a session with a bang. Quite easy. Entertaining. And Knowledge evolving.

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Presentation style

Considering their style, including; mannerisms, gestures, eye contact, voice and nerves.

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Qualities of an Effective Presenter

Identifying what makes a presenter good and analysing the skills required to attain topmost success

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Using Visual Aids Solutions

The do’s and don’ts regarding visual aids and making them effective. We make sure you get best!

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