21 Jan 2019

How To Minimise Large Workloads As A Leader

How To Minimise Large Workloads As A Leader

How you go about your working day measures your progression towards getting this done. If you have a large workload, it can be overwhelming in terms of how to get past this huge list of things you have “to-do”. Look at some steps on how to overcome your large workloads.

Start The Tasks That Require The Minimal Effort.
You may have heard that you should start by tackling larger tasks first, when you have the most brain power. However, exerting all the energy on large tasks, leaves little room for the smaller ones. It takes less time and less brain power to do smaller tasks.This is why we break down large tasks into more manageable ones. You tackle the smaller tasks and get them out of the way quickly, it leaves more time for the larger tasks.

Set Your Mindset
Utilise whatever you may need to get yourself feeling like you can get things done. It could be the music that you listen to, a motivational momento, or just a quiet space. Optimising yourself into a mindset that gets you productive is the key to getting your workload to a smaller space. This is half the battle, so take time to understand on where you get distracted and what gets you focused.

Take A Break

This gets tricky because it’s easy to get off track. Set a timer up for when you focus and when you take a break. It is good to refresh your brain and get your brain refreshed. Recharging your energy is what allows yourself to get back into productivity. So remember after all that working to also take a break.

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