11 Nov 2018

Revealed: The four types of personality you’ll find in EVERY workplace (so which one are you?)

  • Identified by researchers from Deloitte in study of 19,000 workers
  • Pioneers work by gut instinct and like to take risks 
  • Guardians prefer stability and like to bring order and disciple to a team
  • Drivers are all about results while Integrators like harmony among people

    Are you the person who loves to take risks in your career without worrying about the consequences, or is working in a team where everyone gets along your top priority?

    Now researchers have identified the four common personality types that are most dominant in the workplace in order to figure out how each type thrives.

    While people can draw on characteristics from each one at different times, most people tend to stick with one or two, according to the Harvard Business Review.

    Researchers from Deloitte Business Chemistry, along with Rutgers University anthropologist Helen Fisher and molecular biologist Lee Silver, assessed 19,000 people to come up with their findings.


    The pioneer is interested in the power of possibility and sparks energy and imagination among other team members.

    They work on gut instinct and have no problem with risk taking, especially as they’re drawn to bold, fresh ideas and creative approaches.


    People who are guardians like things to be stable and they bring order and rigour to a team.

    Pragmatic types at heart, they don’t like to take risks and feel more comfortable sticking with facts, figures and details.

    Inherently sensible, they like to learn from past mistakes


    Staff who are Integrators appreciate connections and bring teams together.

    Their prime concern is relationships with the team and their responsibility to colleagues.

    Diplomatic integrators tend to believe that most things are relative, and their goal is harmony and consensus.


    Bring opposites closer: There’s bound to be an initial clash, but opposite styles can balance each other out and end up as winning partnerships.

    Pay attention to introverts: Guardians are the least likely to speak up, while along with integrators they’re most likely to suffer from stress.

    Give them the chance to work solo where appropriate instead of doggedly insisting on team work all the time. When you ask for their contribution in a meeting, give them the chance to prepare in advance.

    Let Pioneers get expansive and set up white boards and markers so everyone can get involved. But it’s good to set out how long a free-flowing exercise like this will go on for to help those who like structure to feel comfortable.

    Put energy into forming real relationships with Integrators and encourage them to speak to other people about how discussions and decisions affect the greater good.

    Drivers will appreciate a brisk conversation pace and being told how the discussion you’re having or a decision is made will help to get the team to an overall goal.

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