14 Mar 2019

Assertiveness and Interviews

Job Interviews – What Assertive Skills do Employers Look For?  

For almost everyone, job interviews are high-stress situations. For this reason, many job candidates downplay some assertive personality traits. This is especially true when it is difficult to read an interviewers personality.

How Assertive Should You be in an Interview?

Every job role and every interview context is different. However, most managers actively look for strong assertive skills in job candidates. The only question is, which skills should interviewees attempt to demonstrate?

Assertiveness Techniques for Interviews – Be Prepared

The easiest way to demonstrate positive, assertive traits in an interview, is to arrive prepared.

Arriving with a CV, references, and a set of prepared notes is an assertive exercise in itself. However, interviewees should never rely too heavily on notes if they can help it. Having notes and questions prepared is good. Having notes memorised is better.

Assertive Communication – How Assertive Should You Be?

Assertive communication always starts with good eye contact and a projection of confidence. However, it is important to remember that being too assertive can be interpreted as aggression and/or overconfidence.

Of course, positive assertiveness skills which employers look for, predominantly manifest in how interviewees communicate verbally. Typically, assertive communication traits interviewers look for include:

  • A candidates ability to speak firmly and clearly, while maintaining eye contact
  • An ability to give measured, confident answers to questions
  • People who work well in groups but are not easy to manipulate

Assertive individuals will often also demonstrate readiness and willingness to move forward, even when some interview questions might make them feel uncomfortable

Can Not Being Assertive Enough Ruin Your Chances?

At present, assertiveness in the workplace is more highly valued than ever previously.

In modern business contexts, decisions need to be made faster, personal emotions need to be better restrained, and strong communication skills are vital. Because of this, people who aren’t as naturally assertive as others can find it more difficult to climb the proverbial career ladder.

Assertiveness Exercises & Coaching

Naturally assertive people do find it easier to succeed in the modern workplace. However, assertiveness exercises and training can help naturally more passive people shine just as brightly.

At Training MaD, we can help you shine, even if you have naturally more submissive personality traits. The only question is, could our Assertiveness Training help you better accomplish your career goals?

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